An argument is a reason or sets of reasons aimed to persuade other parties that an idea or action is right or wrong (In Brzozowska & In Chłopicki, 2015). Arguments are meant to change the stand of the second party in regards to an idea or an issue.
My personal communication style is assertive communication and I state my feelings and opinion in a conversation and advocate or push towards its recognition and being addresses without stepping on other peoples toes. I feel that time is of essence and therefore it effectively take my time in developing my argument and therefore coming out clearly. I value other people opinion and therefore during a discussion I allow people to raise their opinion and if the opinion does not truly concern with what I feel I disagree and if the opinion is in line with my argument I also complement the person I engage with. I also like clarifying on points that are not clear in conversations and discussions and therefore leaving every question settled.
I have learned that an academic argument is an evidence based defense of a non-verbal position of a certain issue. A research paper must have evidence extracted from quotations or statistics from peer reviewed article journals. The four basic elements of an argument are claims, evidence, counterargument, and rebuttal (De Vries, 2015). A claim is a way of starting a conversation e.g. “Professor, I would like to have a session with you after class.” Evidence on the other hand is giving a reason in the e.g. in the case above the professor would ask why and the then you would give a reason. Counterargument is the discussion that occurs between two parties as that try to convince one another of an issue. In the case above the student would converse with the professor and justify the need for the session. In the conversation the student gives the reason to justify their conversation which is meant to convince the professor. E.g. the student can say that they have not understood a concept taught in class.  
A recent argument that I experienced was with my employer seeking permission to represent my mother in a legal proceeding. I had to fully convince the employer that my presence in the preceding was critical as the family lawyer had instructed me to stand on my mother’s behalf due to her illness. The reason was convincing and the counterargument drove the claim and made him become convinced.
After reading the course materials, I have questions about the how to harmonize or link the different styles of communicating that is passive communication, aggressive communication , passive-aggressive communication and  assertive communication as this is a challenge in group discussions and other class discussions. Most of the time people raise their voices and the discussion goes out of control in class discussions.
De Vries, R. E. (2015). Communication Styles. The International Encyclopedia of Interpersonal Communication, 1-5. doi:10.1002/9781118540190.wbeic033
In Brzozowska, D., & In Chłopicki, W. (2015). Cultural diversification issues: Communication styles.

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