Art Museum Project: Examine basic styles in art and music.

This course requires a course project in the form of an art museum visit, which develops the following competencies:
1 Examine basic styles in art and music.
2 Apply the basic vocabulary for art and music.
3 Analyze similarities among Western and non-Western art and music systems.
4 Analyze various works of art and music.
In order to meet these competencies, you are required to attend an art museum during the current term.??
Attending the Museum ??While your Art Museum Project is not due until Module 5, it is important to find a museum and put it on your calendar as soon as possible.You are required to go to one of the following art museums:
1 The Detroit Institute of the Arts, as it is one of the top Art Museums in the country
2 The University of Michigan Art Museum
3 The Flint Institute of the Arts
4 The Toledo Art Museum
5 The Eli Broad Art Museum
Writing the Review.?Your Art Museum Project will be at least 3 full pages, follow MLA formatting (double-spaced, Times New Roman 12pt font, one-inch margins), and include all of the following:
1 Introduction, provide the following:
A Date, time, place and name of the museum you visited.
B Which galleries did you visit, did you see any special exhibits?
C Describe your overall thoughts and experience at the art museum. What collections did you see, which did you like, were there any that you did not like? Explain fully.
2 Choose one work of art and include the following:
A Name of Art Work.
B Year it was Created.
C Artist.
D What is it made out of?
E Picture of chosen work.
3 Do some research about your chosen work of art and clearly identify the following:
A Is this a Western or non-Western work of art?
B What art period and/or culture does it come from?
C What is the subject matter/iconography?
D What elements of art does it use (line, color, perspective, depth, texture, form, and shape)? Explain and support the effect they have on the piece.
E What else can you find out about the artist who created it, the culture it comes from and/or what was going on in history at the same time?
F Be sure to give credit to your sources using MLA style.
4 Compare your chosen work to another work of art from the museum. Include a picture of your second choice and consider the following in your comparison to your original work:
A Do they come from the same culture and/or at period? How does this relate to their similarities and/or differences?
B How is the subject matter in each similar or different? Do they use similar techniques? Or do they use different techniques? Explain fully.
C Which elements of art are similar? Which are different? Explain fully (line, color, perspective, depth, texture, form, and shape).
5 Conclusion
A Summarize your main points.
B How has studying art this semester impacted your experience with the visual arts.

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