The Business improvement response essay

In business Improvement the Group’s recommendations to improve the viability of the company’s future included a focus on addressing any outliers of the employees – those who still have not fully bought into the changes made by Frankel. This is an important factor as with any transition, there is a group of individuals who are the slowest and most resistant to change. By ensuring these people are not bypassed, but still worth the effort and energy to bring on board, will be important to ensure the new organizational culture stays in effect. Without addressing those slow or resistant to make the changes, Frankel runs the risk of losing work and effort put into the organization. Including this in your recommendations was a great point to make. While Frankel had made progress with the organization to that point, there would still be great work to be done. That said, there were no specific ideas given to achieve this, which could have given the recommendation further weight. The suggestions showed an understanding of the case, the challenges the company was up against, as well as what would be needed in the future.

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