Business: Should the minimum wage be increased?

Business: Should the minimum wage be increased?

Respond to the prompts below in order to create a research proposal that will provide you direction and a strong basis for your writing. In addition, I will have the opportunity to look over your progress and help guide you toward an even stronger writing project.

Business: Should the minimum wage be increased?

1. What is the working title for your essay?
2. Explain your interest in this topic. In other words, why did you choose this subject to write on (beyond it simply being in your field of study)?
3. What is the tentative claim/thesis of your essay? You should express this idea in 1-2 sentences, so make sure that your claim is as specific as possible. (Note: This argument may alter in scope and focus as you progress; you are not wholly committed to it.)
4. How will your research and writing help to inform and/or benefit your audience? In other words, what is the larger goal of arguing about this topic?
5. List at least two main sides of your argument for and against). Remember that knowing and considering the counterarguments of your claim can help you to write conscientiously about your issue.
6. Describe at least 3 specific sources that you have consulted, including relevant library databases, (credible) websites, popular and/or scholarly periodicals, books, etc. Make sure to provide specific information about your sources like titles, authors, locations, and dates of publication.

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