Citizenship and Voter Participation

The 2008 and 2012 Presidential elections stimulated interest among young adults in the American political system. However, previous election cycles (since the 1970s) often reveal a lack of interest in citizenship and lower voter turnout among adults under 30 years of age, especially when compared to older adults (over 60). Moreover, some Americans have predicted it could decline again in future elections (as it did in 2014).
1. Provide 2 possible reasons for the overall decline in citizenship and voter turnout among adults under the age of 30. Compare and contrast younger adults (under 30) with adults over 60 years of age, in terms of basic citizenship activities, as well as voting turnout. Please provide statistics and other supporting evidence to support your position. 2. Please provide 2 suggestions that might boost interest and participation. Explain why your suggestions could possibly prevent a similar decline among younger adults. Please provide supporting evidence to enhance your argument.
Also, please include a cover page, work cited page, and bibliography because it is APA format.

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