This assignment should consist of 8 paragraphs of 4-5 sentences each, or 3-4 double-spaced pages of text, 12 point font with one inch margins. You can submit it directly on Blackboard, or you can provide a link to a Google Doc or Word Document on which I will give you more specific feedback on your writing, spelling, grammar, etc. Using examples from the videos and readings, discuss various ways individuals and societies learn to deal with death. Discuss how hospice and palliative care have changed end-of-life experiences for individuals and their loved ones. Include a paragraph explaining how human cadavers are used in today’s society to further scientific research. Explore how advancements in medical technology have both prolonged life, but also increased the cost of end-of-life care substantially. Discuss the impact these increased costs have had on American society. Remember this is not a opinion paper, but a paper that should draw from the readings and videos to answer the questions. Everything should be properly cited, using ASA style. Your opinions are valuable, but should be saved for the Reflection Journal and your responses to other student postings. The Cost of Dying: End-of-Life Care Watch Video This 60 Minutes Video looks at the high cost of dying in the United States and how end-of-life care is viewed and managed by Americans. These are additional videos Facing Death http :// Angola Prison Hospice This is the reading : Leming, Michael R. and George E. Dickinson. Understanding Dying, Death, & Bereavement Ch 4 Bereavement. New York: Wadsworth. Roach, Mary. Stiff. Chapter 1 (“A head is a terrible thing to waste.”)

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