impact to the nursing profession and to the public related to the projected nursing shortage

What is the impact to the nursing profession and to the public related to the projected nursing shortage? Discuss at least one way that the nursing profession is working toward a resolution of this problem.
The nurses scope in terms of the patients they handle has continued expanding and therefore straining them and affecting their effectiveness as well as the general productivity. The registered nurses in the United States are the single largest group in the United States as compared to other healthcare professionals. The vacancies or rather the gap for the RNs has continued to register a positive increase standing at 7.7% according to NSI Nursing Solutions report. The need for the nurses is being increase by various facts one of them being that the current population has more medical complications as compared to earlier generations.  Various chronic conditions like dementia, arthritis, cancer, obesity and diabetes have also called for the need for extra professional nurses as to help in ensuring that the conditions are catered for and that the patients get the necessary care they deserve. The decrease in the number of students and the people interested in the profession has also registered a decrease and therefore affecting the final profession staff that graduate with n nursing courses in the universities.
The projected nursing shortage should trigger some concern to the health department as well as the government and emphasize on the need to train more nurses. This is to reduce the gap between the patients attended by one nurse as well as increasing the professionalism of handling patients by nurses. It is also important to note that some of the nurses already in the field should also have an exposure of further training to ensure that they are equipped with extra skills that can help them stretch their skills and hansle more patients with professionalism required and still be effective in their operations.

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