Marketing within the Global Economy

Developing Competitive Advantage
1. Context
You are Marketing Director for any company of your choice.
This project is designed to reflect the practical side of marketing strategy and asks you to convert the academic theory you learn in your lectures and reading into practical direction for your company.
Your company is embarking on a Strategic Planning Process taking a 3-year view. You are responsible for the strategic marketing part of the plan and in particular the area of future competitive advantage.
Wilson, R. M.S., Gilligan, C., and Pearson, D. (1992) describe the first 3 stages of the strategic marketing planning process thus:
• Where are we now?
(Strategic and marketing analysis)
• Where do we want to be?
(Strategic direction and strategy formulation)
• How might we get there?
(Strategic choice)
2. Instruction
You are expected to create a formal paper for your board and your marks will be based on the relevance of this paper to the following:
You will be assessed on your ability to:
a. Critically evaluate the company’s current strategies for sustainable competitive advantage
b. Set out the desired competitive position 3 years from now
c. Offer clear recommendations on what the company needs to do to achieve that position
d. Write a logical, well-presented and accurately referenced piece of work
The length of your paper should be 2,500 words +/- 10%. The word count limit is there to test your skills of conciseness and focus. You are strongly advised to keep your work relevant to the subject matter.

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