Nursing shortage

Nursing shortage

Instructions for Essay #2 Contemporary Topic Library Article

Homework Essay #2 on Contemporary Topic Library Assignment Article: 10% of grade. Due 10/26/20

Requirements: Write a 1-2 page paper. Maximum of two double spaced typed pages, not including title page or references. APA formatting- 7th edition. Title page, alignment, spacing, font style and size.

Library Assignment: Pick one of the contemporary topics in nursing listed below. Find an article in the library that addresses the topic.

1. Nursing shortage ( topic)

Template: Your paper is not a summary of the article. You must include your own ideas and the following information in your paper.

1. Introduction and background of the topic you have chosen

2. Explain why this is an important topic in nursing

3. What are some suggestions made in the article to address this issue?

4. What do you believe is a good solution to address this issue and why?

below i provide 3 articles found in my school s library.

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