spiritual care

What is your definition of “spiritual care?” How does it differ or accord with the description given in the topic readings?
Spiritual care is the care that recognized and responds to the human spirits needs when they are going through trauma in sadness or i8llness and they can include the needs of clearly having a self-worth meaning, self-expression, faith support through sacrament and prayers or simply sensitively listening to the affected individuals. In Christianity the spiritual care is the care that shows the affiliation between Gods and his people with Jesus Christ as the one uniting them. The reading considers spiritual care as the values, beliefs, practices and relationships that help individuals to shape their lives and make sound decisions. To combine this with health it simply means building and maintaining a relationship between God and his patients through Prayers, bible sessions, fellowshipping and offering extended church linkages for the patients. Church and spiritual attachment is one of the reliever and Christians believe that prayers heals and clenches peoples sins and therefore this is mostly applies to the such people in hospital beds as ways of cleansing them and uniting them to God especially the ones that are terminally ill before they meet their Death.
Some chronic condition can only be managed and the patients in such sitiuations need to be shown love and care and to provide them with spiritual support for their emotional and psychological needs. The nurses are mandated to provide medical needs for the patients but it is also essential that they are given spiritual guidance to cater for their soul and spirit. This goes to the extent of being there for them and encouraging them and their families through giving them hope that they will get through the condition stronger and united. For the healing process to be complete the human body, soul and spirit must be considered. The nurses should ensure that they consider the body treatment through medication and also complement this through offering the spiritual support for the soul and spirit to maintain the healing process of the patients.
Shelly, J., & Miller, A., (2006) Called to Care a Christian Worldview for Nursing. Retrieved from: https://viewer.gcu.edu/UGPTQ4

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