SWOT analysis

For the case assignment, you will use the brainstorming tool known as the SWOT analysis to assist in developing foundational strategies in areas previously addressed. We will address the TOWS in a future module.
Create a SWOT analysis with three (3) bullets for each area, addressing the information below. Make sure you address the areas from an HRM macro perspective, e.g., what gives the organization you selected in previous modules a competitive advantage with other similar organizations in the industry/sector.
Areas for SWOT Analysis
Strategy and Planning Process in the Organization (Who is involved in the process or not?)
Staffing (wage earners to executive level)
Compensation and Benefits (conduct external research to compare [benchmark] with other similar organizations in the industry/sector)
After you identify the areas as mentioned above, write a 5-8 page paper addressing each of the areas. Make sure you identify the organization and share a little background history about it.
Be thorough in your writing. For example, why did you select information you placed in the SWOT areas? What are the implications in your organization? What are the implications for an HRM? Of course, there are many other questions/reasons for why you selected these areas, but just make sure you provide enough clarity for the reader to follow. In addition, this exercise should be useful for you in your current or future organization.
You can add headings by area (strength, weakness, etc.), but make sure you embed the actual analysis within the document somewhere as a table or figure in APA format.
Writing Guidelines:
Include title and references pages (not included in the total 5-8 page count)
Write your paper in APA style format Proofread for spelling and grammar errors
Use at least 5 references with at least 3 sources from the Touro library
Use proper in text citations
If you anticipate a problem turning in your assignment on time, please contact your instructor immediately.
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